Sunday, 9 June 2013

Dieting & weigh lossing

Hello everyone!

Today was a great day. I had a barbecue with my important person and my friend. It was so yummy! :D
But, that's not the topic, haha.

I'm actually on diet and I'm trying to loss some weight because I'm overweight.
So, you would probably say: "Hey, you had a barbecue today, where is your diet?"
I know a sasuage and a bacon is a great hit for a diet, but it's not critical :D

And today I share with you the tips about lossing weight and my diet^^

First important thing: don't loss a lot of weight in short period of time! It's bad, and later you may weigh more than before.

Second: don't believe the pills. Your fat just won't fade away when you're not active and you're eating junk food just because you're taking the pills, really ;­­__;
Personally, I'm only using pills that stimulate my metabolism which is very bad TwT

Third: make some changes in your food! they don't need to be drastic! For example, I'm not eating potatoes and instead I'm eating groats with my dinner. Also I don't eat white bread, only dark one and it's not so often. And you should eat quite normally, but healthy. You can eat something sweet once in week, okay! I'm baking some cookies once a week just of curiosity and it's nothing bad.
And a funny fact: first one is the warm colors (red, orange, yellow) are working so weird that because of them we want to eat more. Now look on fast food logos - mostly red, yellow and orange, right? So it's a good idea to keep your dishes in calm and cold colors, or simply use a white ones^^
Another is that we are often eating breakfast and supper on smaller plates, and dinner on larger. If you put on smaller plate for example pasta and eat it, you'll be probably full. If you put the same amount on bigger plate, it won't be full and you'll think it's not enough. Conclusion: eat dinner on the same plate you eat breakfast ;)

Fourth: drink a lot of water! But that's quite... Obvious^^"

Fifth: don't be hungry. You should eat about five small meals, not a big and one for whole day. It's bad, and your metabolism will slow down ;-;
Addictionaly: don't eat so you'll be full you cannot move. You should be 80% full, because your brain knows you're not hungry after 20 minutes from meal.
Also, you shouldn't eat between meals, but if you can't resist, grab a carrot. It's healthy and won't make you gain even a kg :D. And about carrots - if you are addicted to potato chips like me, you can make carrot chips with some spices!

Sixth: physical activity. It's really, really important! And you have so much of choice! You can make some exercises in home, you can go running, you can go swimming (it'll make you slim^-^), you can go to the gym, you can ride on bicycle or start some sport you're interesed in. Just don't sit a whole day watching tv on playing on pc.
For example I'm running from time to time, everyday I'm exercising (except days when I'm reaaally exhausted) and I have a hula hoop :D ps, the last one is good for your waist!

Seventh: you should sleep well. With the minimum of 8 hours I think

Eighth: to fast foods we're saying no no! I know it's hard, because I'm addicted to that food, with sweets there's no problem like this T_T

Ninth: the last meal should be 2 hours before you're going to sleep. But the general rule is like no eating after 8 p.m. Our metabolism is slower when it's so late and it's bad for us.

Ten: have a motivation! Also, make little steps. My dream weigh is 45kg, but now I'm 62,5kg. But recently I've lost 2,5kg so I'm very happy :D (don't worry, I don't want to be anorexic, I'm just quite a small girl, haha)

And about my diet:
On school days it looks like this:
about 7 a.m.: a little cup of oat flakes with glass of milk
10:30 a.m: some fruit, usually apple or banana
12:30 p.m: three carrots/paprika and tomato/some other fancy dish, often from my dinner's leftovers^^
3-4 p.m.: dinner, a little cup of groats with some meat and vegetables or soup
6-7 p.m.: cottage cheese with a spoon of strawberry jam^^
And about 2l of water + 2 cups of green tea

On free-from-school days it's:
about 9 a.m.: scrambled eggs from one egg, one small onion, one chicken wiener and one tomato
about 12 p.m.: some fruits or sandwich
3-4 p.m.: dinner~
7-8 p.m: cottage cheese or a wiener

Whew, that was long! Hope you didn't get bored and you found something useful^^
Now to calm my poor diet I ate a bowl of strawberries, yummy~

Hope you enjoyed this~

If you have your own tips, or you found something interesing here, let me know in comments^^

Have a nice day!

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