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My name's Joanne, I'm sixteen and I live in Poland. (I bet most of foreigners don't really know where it is, haha, no offence, I know it's not really a popular country :D)
I have a lot of interests, some of them are games, singing, drawing, dancing, cosplay (costume play), reading...
And well, I love Japan, and japanese culture. So manga and anime are of course included :D
Also, I really like learning foreign languages. For now I mostly can read in few languages so I can sing a lot of songs in diffrent languages^^
I think it's mostly because of my favourite japanese band - Sound Horizon. In their albums, they are using a lot of foreign languages, haha ^_^
I'm also starting as a newbie lolita as I said in first post. I like all the styles, but Classic one is my favourite.

I'll be posting pretty much everything I like there, and I think with such variety of interests you won't be bored ;)

I hope you'll find my blog interesting

Have a good day!

Ps. Sorry if you felt bored with that post ^_^"

Any question? Ask in comments (^o^)/

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